Getting There

The festival will be held at Magnuson Park, Hangar 30 in Seattle, WA. 
6310 NE 74th St,
Seattle, WA 98115
You can find it on google maps here.


While the venue has quite a bit of parking, we have no idea what to expect, as this is our first year! We highly recommend carpooling with friends, using ride share options, or even renting a bike or electric scooter! Seattle is beautiful in the summer and the gorgeous Burke Gilman trail runs right past Hangar 30 - make a day of it!

If parking in the main lot is full, you can find a park and ride lot about a half a mile south of the venue, at the southern entrance to Magnuson Park. It's called "Park & Ride - Magnuson Frog Pond". There's a lovely 12 minute walk to the venue through the park from this lot!


There are also a couple of public bus routes that stop near Magnuson Park:
Route 62 runs from downtown Seattle north to Greenlake and east to Magnuson. 
Route 75 runs from Northgate south to Magnuson or from U District/Sand Point to the park.