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Beth Gorishek

Makers Mindset: An Adaptive Thinking Workshop - Beth Gorishek

Makers Mindset: An Adaptive Thinking Workshop - Beth Gorishek

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Sunday, August 11
10:00am - 1:00pm (3 hours)

About the Class:
Are you ready to unlock the world of knitting in a whole new way? Join the Makers Mindset - An Adaptive Thinking Workshop, a unique 3-hour hands-on experience where you'll not only learn or re-learn the art of knitting but also gain insights into how to quickly adjust your thinking and problem-solving approach in response to our changing bodies and abilities over time.

In this intimate and personalized workshop, Beth welcomes participants of all backgrounds and skill levels, from complete beginners to seasoned knitters including those who may have encountered physical challenges due to accidents, strokes, or temporary conditions that have hindered their knitting journey. The small class size ensures that you'll receive individualized attention and have the opportunity to share your own unique stories. During the workshop, you'll be guided by Beth Gorishek, the Adaptive Knitter, who herself is a disabled knitter. She'll help you explore adaptive knitting techniques, adjusting traditional methods to suit your specific needs and abilities. You'll learn to knit in a way that accommodates your personal circumstances, making this craft accessible to all. Beth will share her own compelling story, shedding light on how knitting became a form of self-expression, therapy, and advocacy. Learn how her identity as a disabled knitter intersects with broader social and cultural issues.


About the Instructor:
Beth Gorishek, known as The Adaptive Knitter, is a passionate advocate for accessibility and inclusivity in crafting. Born with a congenital limb difference, her journey has been marked by determination and humor, inspiring others through her expertise and perspective. As a leading voice for adaptive knitting, Beth empowers crafters to embrace their unique abilities, fostering a supportive maker community and guiding individuals through the transformative potential of adaptation in her courses.


Skill Level:
All levels welcome




Required Materials:

  • One skein of Aran - Bulky weight yarn
  • One set of size 10 or 11 needles any type


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